"Shihann" Nawal Dutta
Martial Art & Fitness Expert

“Shihann” Nawal Dutta visionary; A man much ahead of his times and a pioneer in the martial arts industry.

Someone who leads by example, is more about action than words, and a role-model for all aspiring martial artists in the country, “Shihann” Nawal Dutta is a self-made man.

If there has ever been a need or an opportunity for a martial arts expert anywhere, Mr Dutta has been in the fore front.

A 6th Dan black belt from Japan, who has trained for more than half his life, and taught for two decades, Shihann has travelled the world to learn the essence of Karate and Goshindo.

A referee at international tournaments, a judge at the Asian Karate Do Federation, a medal winner at championships, a teacher in Chi Studio (the first, fully-equipped karate “dojo” in New Delhi), a participant in a television reality series- all these are merely a few facets of the man who gave up a career in Engineering to successfully pursue his dream of becoming a martial artist.

According to him, martial arts is his life, and now he is doing all he can to give back to the industry that fostered him. He launched the first karate website in India- He also produced and starred in a popular self defense DVD titled “Knockout secrets”. Very disturbed by the growing rate of crime in our country, he is working with some of the top corporates in the city to train their staff (especially women) in the art of self defense.

Shihann’s philosophy is simple: train not only your body, but your mind. His wish is that his students develop a strong personality, as he believes that the mind is the most powerful weapon. A hard-core professional in karate and fitness, who trains himself for 4 hours everyday, Mr Dutta once said, “We produce champions, not just players.” That is his promise, and he keeps his word.